May 20, 2011 | By: Marion Marketing

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What are the B2B Buzzwords for 2011?

Since it’s almost halfway through the year, we can say the cultural climate for 2011 is pretty much set in sand. (Check back with us in January 2012 for a definitive answer.) We marketers like to consider the “in” words, better known as buzzwords, for business that will dictate how companies captivate their targeted audiences.

So what’s the forecast for 2011? Being the nostalgic person that I am, I wanted to look back at the predictions made earlier this year and the latter part of 2010 to determine if they held water, while taking a glance at 2010 buzzwords as well. After a little research at the international, highly esteemed research library Wikipedia, this is what I discovered…


…When someone turned off the lights.  In this year, words like caution, recession-proofing, budgeting and downsizing became the operative words for business.  However, 2010 also brought new importance to terms like relevance, reassurance, value-added, social media, and SEO as firms searched for alternative methods to preserve (or improve) customer retention.


This year we’re finding our chi and thinking happy thoughts. Transformation, revitalize, creativity, emergence, reinvention, comeback, and reenergize are the keywords many business owners believed would set the pace, with ongoing emphasis on SEO, social media and now digital marketing.

Our deduction?

We say these predictions are right-on. While seeking to recover from 2010, many firms are more aggressive about SEO optimization services and use social media marketing for businesses and digital online marketing as vital resources to retain relevance and visibility. Meanwhile we notice evolving business strategies and management systems to bring new life to company.

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