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A History of Excellence

Since 1981, MARION has had a rich history of providing a complete portfolio of advertising and marketing services to locally and nationally known small and mid-sized businesses. Our team of experts will leverage our decades of experience, pairing creativity with technology, to deliver your company with integrated online and traditional marketing solutions designed to grow your brand and your bottom line.

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Outsourced Marketing

Running a business isn’t easy. You already know that. You have to wear many hats throughout your day. Marketing shouldn’t be one of them. Whether you’re a startup or a small to medium-sized business, our full-service marketing engine will let you focus on what you do best - running your business.

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Marketing Projects

For businesses who don’t need a full outsourced marketing department, we offer a full range of in-house services available on a project by project basis. Our complete portfolio of capabilities will offer you the creative and strategic horsepower you need to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

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A Sample of Our Work

Our team of designers is well versed in all media, traditional and interactive – from print to web and mobile. Here is a small sampling of some of our projects.

Texas Speed Web Design

Texas Speed Syndicate

Patriot Logo Design


Scorpion Print Collateral Design


Beetnik Web Design


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Helpful Resources

Here are a few articles that explore new ideas, techniques, and expert opinions on how to improve your marketing.
For even more resources, visit our blog.

Using LinkedIn to Build Your Business in 4 Steps

Using LinkedIn to Build Your Business in 4 Steps

Social media needs to play a role in your digital marketing strategy; you probably know that.  What you may not realize is how LinkedIn can and should factor into your strategy. LinkedIn ended 2016 with over 467 million members, of which 40 million are decision makers.  And, when it comes …

7 Content Marketing Hacks from MARION

7 Content Marketing Hacks from MARION

Content marketing has become an integral part of many marketing plans, but if there is one thing that we know about content marketing is that it’s easier said than done. Continuously coming up with content that is relevant and engaging is not an easy task.  It takes patience, perseverance and …

The 4 building blocks for a better brand

The 4 building blocks for a better brand

Too often when business owners here’s the word “branding” their mind goes straight to their logo.  Sure, your logo is an important aspect of your brand, but it is far from encompassing your entire brand. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos famously said, “Your brand is what other people say when you’re …

The Inbound Marketing Methodology Series: No.1 – Attract

The Inbound Marketing Methodology Series: No.1 – Attract

As a business owner or marketer, you know you must tap a number of resources, implore several strategies, and take advantage of many tools to attract your target audience to your brand and convince them to become customers. Online marketing became a core consideration in every marketing plan beginning in …


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