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Looking for a new logo to represent your brand’s identity?

The first step of working with your team to develop a new logo design in Austin or Houston is to fully research your business and surrounding industry. We look into your competitive environment, learn what sets you apart, and uncover your company’s mission and vision. This information helps us incorporate the real identity behind your business’s brand story. In short, we boil down why people should care about your organization into a small, visually compelling icon.

After we’ve mocked up several logo ideas, we work closely with your team for direction on which concept warrants further logo development. This feedback process typically requires 1-3 iterations before your new logo creation is finalized.

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Breathe new life into your existing company logo

Your business may be closely tied to the logo design you’ve already been using for years. However, design trends and your industry as a whole may leave you wanting a more modern logo concept. MARION’s logo designing services can help refresh your logo in a way that remains true to your legacy logo while adding more visual appeal to the end result.

This process is very similar to a new logo creation. The marketing logo design team at MARION investigates your motivation for refreshing your logo, then we come up with several concepts that communicate what you’re trying to achieve. We use your feedback on those initial concepts to determine which will be further developed and eventually implemented at your company. This process usually goes through 1-3 iterations before being finalized.

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Develop consistent branding across marketing channels with a Brand Style Guide

Aligning your marketing message throughout all digital, print, and graphic design mediums is no easy task. Using a style guide for your brand will help you exude the same brand identity across all platforms, and effectively communicate who you are and what you do to your prospective customers.

Part of MARION’s logo creation services include creating a brand style guide for your company. Your style guide will include the typography and tone of voice that should be used with your marketing material, the color themes, and further usage guidelines. Vendors, partners, and your internal business units will all have a clear set of guidelines for representing your brand.

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