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Are you in the market for a new logo design creation?

Before partnering with your team for a new logo design, we diligently explore your business. We dig into what sets your company apart, how you service your customers, and what makes you different from the competition. In some cases, the motivation behind your logo is obvious due to the nature of your industry or individual business. In other situations, developing your logo design takes a lot more investigation and trial and error to really capture what your brand needs to communicate.

After we have a few proofs, we rely on you for feedback on which direction we should further pursue for your final logo. In most cases, this process includes one to three rounds of revisions for a successful logo creation in Austin.

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We can modernize your existing brand logo

Maybe you like the message that your logo communicates, but it seems dated compared to your industry at large. If you’ve considered refreshing your company logo, contact MARION. Our Austin company logo design services are perfect for adding a modern touch to your business icon without losing brand equity in the process.

We approach logo updates with almost the same creative process as new logo designs. We learn about your motivation for refreshing your business’s logo, and we try to breathe new life into your existing logo’s aesthetic without losing sight of your core brand in the process. Our logo designers in Austin create mockups of several new ideas before getting feedback from your team about which draft to further pursue.

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Your Brand Style Guide sets the tone for your business collateral

All of your digital and print marketing collateral needs to align to tell the same brand story. Maintaining a style guide that sets the guidelines for how your brand should be leveraged is an effective way to keep consistency across marketing platforms.

When the MARION team creates a logo for your company, we develop a brand style guide. This guide includes instructions for the color specs, usage guidelines, typography, and even tone of voice for your written copy. This way, partners, vendors, and internal teams have a handbook for communicating your brand.

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