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Use Austin Pay per Click to earn traffic directly from Google and Bing

Gaining traction in the organic search results can take a very long time, especially for new sites or sites with weak SEO (ask us about our Austin SEO services during your free consultation). To gain exposure to your target audience in the short term, our team uses PPC advertising. We’ve driven massive success using both Google Ads and Bing, and we’ll likely recommend a mix for your unique situation.

We build a strategy centered around thoughtful keyword research, tried and true content marketing strategies, and optimized landing page experiences to help your PPC campaigns in Austin perform at the highest level. These campaigns are a great way to support your lead generation efforts while your organic SEO authority is still being developed.

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Use display advertising to extend your reach

A cost-effective method for reaching thousands of prospects is digital display advertising. At MARION, we create display ad campaigns alongside your Austin pay per click campaigns to improve your brand exposure and attract and convert leads to your site.

Our graphic design team and marketing strategists work to develop engaging display ads that align with your brand identity. We are familiar with adhering to brand style guides so that your campaign will create a seamless experience. We generally use responsive display ads to improve your results using this flexible format.

Austin pay per click management

Retarget internet users who have already engaged with your website

Retargeting ads work by tracking your previous website users with a special piece of code called a pixel. When those users go on to visit other sites with display ad space, your retargeting ads can be shown. This is a fantastic way to keep your brand top-of-mind for site users that are already aware of your brand, and are more likely to engage with your site than a complete stranger.

MARION’s retargeting campaigns frequently supplement our Austin PPC management to maximize your marketing reach. This approach lets you spend marketing dollars on those users who may already be considered “warm” marketing prospects.

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Meet your target audience where they already spend their time

Social media advertising is a great way to tap into a loyal audience for increased marketing exposure. Social media ads can be served to very targeted user segments due to the user engagement data that these platforms collect on an ongoing basis. We use different platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter depending on your target audience.

At MARION, our digital advertising strategists in Austin blend your social media advertising into your existing organic social media strategy. We work with your team to pinpoint the right demographics, regions, and user interests to make sure you’re getting in front of the highest potential social media users.

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