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On-Page SEO lays the foundation for the success of your organic search campaigns

You need your pages to rank for the right terms so that your potential customers benefit from the solutions you offer. To make that happen, your pages have to demonstrate that they best meet the needs of searchers. At MARION, we put in the necessary research to uncover the questions and pain points your target audience has, and the on-page SEO content and code implementation required to serve their needs.

The MARION search engine optimization firm delivers solid technical SEO & code implementation with the right content so that your pages will appear higher in the search results.

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Now you’re in the game, but you need off-page SEO to win

The right on-page SEO will help get you in the first few pages of the search results, but to be ranked among the top performers you will need off-page SEO.

This SEO process is all about building website authority to demonstrate that you are a credible solution for the needs of searchers. This is accomplished through high-quality backlink acquisition, brand mentions, social media activity and local business listings within your industry. MARION’s small business SEO company can meet and exceed your off-page SEO expectations – start a conversation with our team today.

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SEO-friendly content marketing helps powerfully position your brand

To consider you for top search rankings, search engines have to determine what your organization is an expert at, and why you deserve to address searcher needs. Content marketing combined with tactical SEO execution will help demonstrate your expertise as an industry thought leader. The creation of valuable SEO content will also help to naturally attract backlinks from other sites around the web.

MARION’s SEO optimization services plan and create high-quality and relevant content on a recurring basis so that it’s evident to users and search engines that you offer the best answers to their questions.

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Search engine traffic is a start – now you need to improve conversions with CRO

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) makes the difference between a high-traffic website and an effectively monetized website. If a potential customer is practically knocking at your door, make sure you know how to greet them. The MARION search engine optimization firm will help optimize the user experience on your site so that traffic turns into leads, and leads turn into hard-earned revenue dollars.

Should I use SEO or PPC?

For the best long-term and short-term results, we recommend you use a combination of both pay per click and search engine optimization strategies. This will help you realize ROI upfront and invest in a successful long-term marketing approach at the same time.

How to use SEO

The nature of organic SEO requires a significant amount of lead time to generate consistent leads. You need time to build industry authority, drive traffic, and gather enough data to optimize the conversion process on your site. This can cause a lag between marketing expenditure and return on investment. To mitigate this, our search engine optimization services recommend a two-pronged approach.

How to add PPC to your SEO efforts

Due to the long-term needs of SEO, you will want to add PPC to your overall strategy. Pay per click campaigns offer near-immediate customer conversions but typically require a larger upfront investment. This provides an opportunity for your company to achieve short term paid gains while investing in your long-term SEO strategy at the same time. Contact us today for an individual consultation.

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