November 28, 2016 | By: Marion Marketing

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Sales Leads Marketing Funnel Strategy

Do you know how your sales leads move through your marketing funnel? Is it effective?

Dealing with warm sales leads can be tough for many small and mid-market businesses. Potential customers and clients are interested in your product or service but are not necessarily ready to do business with you – yet. Depending on your industry it could be anywhere from a couple of weeks to 18 months down the road before you ever hear from them again, but once they contact you, they’re ready.

In order to keep a warm lead from going cold, it is important to nurture the lead by keeping your name in front of them. This could be in the form of retargeting advertising, educational podcasts, white papers, blog posts, newsletters, etc. After the sales lead is generated, the challenge is nurturing that warm lead, and it seems that there might be something more effective than that old Rolodex.

At MARION we employ a number of marketing strategies designed to keep your brand in front of people based on where they are in the buying cycle.

Top Of Funnel

We consider potential customers who have never heard of your product or brand “top of funnel” and they are just beginning to understand the problem they have that you can solve for them. We can reach them by providing information and insight into those solutions through advertising methodologies that introduce your brand and solution and drive those visitors to your website. These website visitors can be acquired not just through direct marketing like advertising and print publications but also through search engine marketing. Our goal is to get your brand in front of them with a solution to a problem they have.

Middle Of Funnel

For people deeper in the research phase that understand the problem and solution but are unfamiliar with your brand or service we consider as “middle of the funnel”. They could be people that have filtered down from your initial top of funnel efforts through website visits or they have reached your website from research they are doing online. We can employ deeper educational pieces that show how your specific product or service helps them achieve their goals or solves their problems building trust along the way.

Bottom Of Funnel

These are people who are ready to buy. These are your best sales leads. They know their problem and they have a solid idea of the solution needed. They just need the nudge to choose your business as the solution for them. This is where more direct marketing and advertising flexes its muscles. Persuasion copy on your top landing pages and directing people to your contact form, product page, or phone number is our top priority.

Don’t Mix Your Messages

Understand that each of these funnels requires different messaging and identification. They can enter your CRM or sales process at any point and a solid email campaign can help move your prospects further down the funnel.

Remember that the goal is to keep your brand top of mind so that when they’ve reached the buying decision moment they choose you. This is done through cohesive branding, persuasive copy, and targeted messaging. All channels of communication should be used from blog posts, social media, print publication, to email.

If your business is struggling with leads going cold or setting up a marketing strategy that moves prospects down the funnel contact us today. We can help.

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