June 8, 2018 | By: Tony Mastri

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Use SEO for Plastic Surgeons to Attract Your Target Audience

Cosmetic surgery SEO has the potential to attract the right visitors at the right time. Using this proven marketing strategy has the potential to generate significant ROI by attracting only the most relevant audience to your practice.

What Is SEO for Plastic Surgeons?

SEO for cosmetic surgeons stands for “search engine optimization.” All major search engines, like Google and Bing, have organic search results where web pages, like plastic surgery blog posts and videos, are displayed and ranked based on a set of criteria that search engines deem important and relevant to users.

If you already know you’re looking for a high-quality SEO company in Houston, then we’ll cut to the chase. Contact MARION today to outline your goals and get a quote for the strategy that will work best for your practice!

How Can Plastic Surgery SEO Help My Clients?

To attract the right visitors, your plastic surgery practice’s web pages must rank well for keywords relevant to your services. To rank well, you must provide the most valuable and relevant information to your users.

Provide relevant and helpful information by addressing frequently asked questions for your clientele. Additionally, you can generate high quality information by providing before and after images of your procedures to demonstrate the effectiveness of your plastic surgery services. You can also improve your plastic surgery SEO by describing in detail the process of each procedure so that clients can form accurate expectations and mentally prepare for their operations.

plastic surgery search engine optimization

Benefits of Plastic Surgery Search Engine Optimization

There are several benefits of using SEO for cosmetic surgeons as compared to other marketing strategies.

  • Higher ROI – Search engine optimization offers recurring returns, if done in a non-deceptive manner. The steady development of authority through blogging, acquiring backlinks and sound website coding can linger if you use white-hat SEO.
  • Compounding Returns – Because of the lasting rankings that can be had when proper plastic surgery SEO is implemented, your relevant traffic compounds over time. Even as you build backlinks and authority, your web pages will rank for more and more long-tail keywords and be deemed more relevant to more searchers. This drives the right traffic to your site and has a significant effect on the bottom line of your practice.
  • Visibility Beyond Search Engines – To build backlinks and create social signals, you have to form partnerships with leaders in related industries and develop an engaged audience on social media. Your plastic surgery internet marketing will be developed as a whole during the SEO process.

How Does the Cosmetic Surgery SEO Process Work?

According to research by Brafton, 89% of consumers turn to a search engine before making a purchase. If you want to take your product to market, you now know where to find them.

To build your practice’s SEO strength, you will have to use a mix of the following:

  1. Technical SEO cleanup
  2. On-page SEO improvement for plastic surgery service pages
  3. Content marketing for plastic surgeons
  4. Backlink building

1. Technical SEO Implementation on Your Practice’s Site

Unless you’re new to the industry, you’ve probably already invested in a website for your practice. It may be very aesthetically pleasing, but unfortunately, many designers don’t know or don’t care to implement the proper coding for plastic surgery search engine optimization.

plastic surgery digital marketing

For instance, your website might be resource heavy. It could include several stunning high-resolution images with an autoplay video on the homepage. If these resources are not optimized correctly, they could be driving your site speed up, destroying your organic rankings and causing a bad experience for visitors to your website.

Technical SEO for plastic surgeons can help reduce your site speed, which will have a positive impact on both your desktop and mobile rankings. Beyond rankings, improving your site speed will help streamline the experience of your users, and keep your prospects and current clients happy.

2. On-page SEO for Your Service Pages

Creating pages that outline each of the cosmetic procedures you offer is a critical part of your plastic surgery digital marketing strategy. To the untrained eye, it may be easy to figure out what you page is about. For search engines, it may be difficult to parse your text and learn why your services are any better than the competitions.

On-page SEO for surgeons can help set you apart from your competitors by making it clear which services your practice offers and why you’re better than the next doctors. Optimizing the message of the copy and images on your service pages is the first step toward improving your rankings in organic search. By incorporating the right keywords in the right places on your pages, you’ll have a leg up on the other cosmetic surgeons in your area.

If you’ve done some of your own SEO research, you might be asking – are keywords still important for SEO? While targeting a single keyword is a thing of the past, focusing your page on a thoroughly researched related group of keywords is the new standard in SEO for plastic surgeons. This allows your service pages to fully serve the intent of users that land on your website.

3. Content Marketing for Plastic Surgeons

For users and search engines to know if you’re truly a leader in your industry, you can’t use every page on your plastic surgery website to promote yourself. Instead, you should demonstrate your expertise by blogging about new industry practices, how your procedures work, and preparation/recovery tips for patients.

This approach is called cosmetic surgery content marketing. Not only will publishing content around these topics help educate your prospects and current customers, but it will also help search engines verify that your website deserves to rank highly in the search results. There are many benefits of blogging for business but better search rankings and educated customers who are willing to pay a premium for your expertise are two of the best reasons to start blogging today.

plastic surgery SEO

The above is a screenshot of a content marketing campaign that MARION recently led for a Houston plastic surgeon. Through blogging and on-page SEO implementation, the client grew from 71 page one search engine rankings in January to 308 page one rankings in May. That’s a 231% increase in page one rankings in just four months!

4. Building Backlinks for Your Cosmetic Surgery Practice

The final pillar of plastic surgery SEO is building links to your site. Links to your website are the digital equivalent of a new customer referral from a previous patient.

A link building strategy will help speed up the process of acquiring backlinks from relevant websites that find your content useful. Link building is one of the most difficult pieces of plastic surgery internet marketing, because your services or advice have to be truly exceptional for a site owner to endorse you to their digital audience.

The best starting point for link building is to have content worth linking to in the first place. Do competitive research with specialized online tools to learn which types of content garner links for your competitors. Then, create a version of your own that is more valuable and helpful to your target audience. Promote you content through email marketing, social media marketing and even direct email outreach to relevant professionals in the industry.

Don’t Take on SEO for Cosmetic Surgeons Alone

Doing your own cosmetic surgery SEO requires a substantial amount of education on the latest SEO practices and a huge investment of time. Make the best use of your time and money by partnering with an experienced Houston SEO agency.

Contact MARION today, and learn what our experts can do to turn your website into a revenue-generating machine.


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