April 15, 2019 | By: Carey Balzer

7 B2B Marketing Strategies for IT Companies

In today’s market, promoting services from one business to another has become a common practice. Trends give rise to new strategies which need to be employed to stay ahead of competitors and to draw in customers.

Information technology companies face marketing challenges unique to their field, though an abundance of opportunities offsets this. With that being said, marketing for IT companies just requires the right strategies.

B2B Marketing for IT Companies

Effective B2B marketing strategies are essential for any IT company, but which tactics should you use? These B2B marketing strategies are proven to help you create your own IT services marketing plan.

1. B2B Event Marketing

There are countless IT services marketing strategies available, but few are as powerful as hosting a B2B marketing event. Marketing events are offline marketing channels where real-life experiences are leveraged to achieve a variety of business goals like:

  • sales acceleration
  • customer retention
  • brand awareness

B2B event marketing are centered on education and building relationships between organizations, and a firm handshake can be a great step towards closing a deal. During these in-person interactions, the use of video and interactive sales presentations are highly recommended to keep potential customers engaged.

2. Visual Content

Visual content has completely permeated the marketing landscape. Formats such as videos, images, live discussions, and webinars are some of the most popular forms of visual content widely utilized.

Simply put, people prefer interacting with other people. Blogging for business has marked benefits, but blog copy can only convey so much emotion. Visual content, however, hints to prospects know they’re dealing with another living, breathing human. This builds reliability and trust.

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3. Social Media

Social media management plays a major role in B2B marketing for IT companies. While social media channels are often used to participate in industry discussions, it can also be used to promote and share content.

Marketing in the IT industry would not be effective without a well-planned social media strategy in place to attract new prospects and improve your business lead generation strategies.

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4. Content Marketing

marketing strategies for IT companies

Content marketing has been a widely successful approach in the B2B space over the past decade. For your content marketing to be effective, focus on delivering quality, highly relevant information that delivers value to your readers. Delivering value first will build trust and pave the way to future business partnerships.

Content such as blogs, whitepapers, and case studies work well to draw in potential clients. Relevancy should be one of your main focuses during content creation. Nowadays, businesses are focused on topics such as cloud computing, cybersecurity, storage and Office 365 amongst other topics.

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5. Mobile Marketing

An effective marketing strategy for an IT company would not be complete without the inclusion of mobile marketing. Mobile website marketing campaigns are ideal for reaching executives who are constantly on the move. Executives are often inundated with meetings, management duties, and other similar responsibilities, and often only have time to quickly scroll through their phone during a short break.

Ensuring your pages are mobile friendly will guarantee greater interaction between your business and its intended audience. You’ll also be providing a personalized experience for your users, something everyone appreciates.

6. A Winning Website

Once upon a time, marketing strategies for IT companies relied chiefly upon word of mouth for growth and brand awareness. Nowadays, an impressively designed website has taken over this role.

Focusing on a winning website design is crucial because your site acts as an indicator of your credibility. A website that fails to impress visitors can act as a deterrent to successfully selling IT products to interested organizations. We have more details in a recent blog post if you’re unsure of what makes a good website.

marketing plan for IT company

Marketing ideas for IT companies should always include a winning website design. Remember, your website is your primary hub for setting up an online marketing presence. This is where visitors can view your mission statement, access links to your social media profiles, visit your blog and much more.

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7. Marketing Automation

A solid marketing strategy for IT services often includes automation tools. The advent of marketing automation technology has completely revolutionized marketing practices across the board.

Automation tools can allow your IT company to personalize email messages with the press of a button, create an increase in website traffic, update social media channels, and much more. With minimal management required and the right automation tools, your marketing strategy can be set on autopilot which makes marketing automation a must. Any IT marketing agency worth their salt can get you set up with the right tools for your unique circumstances.

Developing a Winning B2B Marketing Plan for IT Companies

Knowing how to market an IT company is essential for reaching the right audiences, developing business relationships, and establishing new clients. We recommend trying the above strategies to find what works and what doesn’t for your marketing efforts.

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