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Be remembered at your next convention or trade show.

Earn visibility, generate booth visits, and design a positive brand experience at your next industry event or trade show convention.

MARION designs trade show exhibits around a wide range of booth systems, and we work with your team to learn the right framework that will engineer the best experience for your organization’s brand while maintaining aesthetic and functionality.

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traditional forms of marketing in Houston

Increase your revenue and bottom line with targeted, and persuasive direct mail sendouts.

As part of our Houston traditional marketing system, we partner with you to design and execute powerful direct mail marketing services. Our direct mail marketing campaigns go to your target audience, and help enhance your profits by honing in on the most relevant audience. MARION provides:

  • Direct mail postcards and promo letters
  • Door knob collateral and promotional items
  • 3-Step Brochures, Flyers, and more…

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Austin conventional marketing system

Strengthen your brand positioning and relay your marketing message through advertising.

Effective multi-channel and integrated marketing requires a consistent look and feel throughout both online and traditional marketing types.

MARION’s multimedia advertising placement designs and distributes effective display, print, online, point-of-sale, and direct mailing collateral for advertising that is designed to reinforce your brand message, improve awareness, and spark organizational growth through traditional forms of marketing in Houston.

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Houston traditional marketing system

What is traditional marketing in Houston?

Traditional styles of marketing include any campaign or promotion that was “historically” used for consistent success. Types of conventional marketing include print materials, advertising, billboards, newspaper advertisements, and even flyers.

Advantages of a traditional marketing system

  • Brand Exposure – Many traditional marketing types in Houston are called mass media due to their reach. Billboards, newspaper and television are visible to hundreds of thousands of people during your traditional campaign.
  • New Customer Audiences – Due to the wide exposure of traditional marketing strategies, you may be unintentionally exposed to new audiences that are potential customers. You might not have considered targeting this segment or known of their profitability before using a Houston traditional marketing plan in.
  • Physical Tangibility – Nostalgia is a strong marketing tool. Holding something like a well-designed business card or direct mail flyer containing a coupon can be meaningful and memorable to your target audience. This can help to positively position your brand in the mind of consumers.

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At MARION, we have 35 years of experience delivering sales-driven marketing campaigns in Houston for small to mid-sized businesses.

All businesses should integrate digital marketing within their overall marketing strategy, but not at the expense of Houston traditional marketing campaigns. Traditional marketing exists almost solely in the tangible world.  Printed sales collateral, trade show designs and branding materials, local and national print ads, and direct mail brochures all depend on proper execution.  For 35 years, we have worked with clients like you to translate their brand identities into traditional marketing campaigns that effectively grow revenue.

Our clients often partner with us on:

  • Brochure Designs and Prints
  • Catalog Designs and Prints
  • Trade Show Designs & Creation
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Print Ad Design
  • Outdoor Advertising Design
  • Print and Digital Campaign Integration
  • Branded, Custom Designs

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