June 2, 2010 | By: Marion Marketing

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Has the Stinger Fallen Off for Google Buzz?

google buzz

Have you felt the buzz around Google’s new social network? If you haven’t, you aren’t alone.

Since our previous post, it seems Google Buzz has lost its sting and lost some of the honey. Only being released 4 months ago, the hype surrounding the new social media platform is already dying down. In its first 56 hours of release and 9 million posts made, Google saw sure success in its newly formed social network.  Independently, the Chitika search network saw a surge of 1,500 searches on the term “Google Buzz” the day it was launched; 15 times more than its competition Twitter.

These large numbers of posts seemed sweet on day one but quickly turned into a string for the site. Just one day into its launching searches quickly diminished.  Dropping to only 580 on February 10 and three days later, falling into single digits, Buzz seemed to be losing its sting.  So, is this just another Google invention that received a huge outpour of attention at release, and will soon fizzle down into a thing of the past?

An issue being hit on the most with Buzz is the privacy implications.  Upon the initial set up of a Buzz account, your immediate followers are people you chat with and email through Gmail.  This stings the users. Someone can access your profile and see who you chat with or email the most.  A simple solution:  Once you create the Google account, it is important to go into your default settings and make changes.  If it’s so easy for me to fix, why couldn’t Google fix it before they released it?

When using Twitter, your followers will be shown by default, but no one has selected automatically for you.  When you do follow someone, you effectively review each and every person before you make that choice. The power of choice is given to you.

Google has proposed a possible solution to this problem.  The company is looking at creating a “stand alone” Buzz site that people can access independently that would come on top of Buzz inside Gmail.  This would allow for Buzz users to start fresh with a contact list instead of incorporating their whole Gmail contact list.  The Buzz through Gmail would still be offered, but this new Buzz option would be available as well.  However, in the months since Buzz’s launch, a stand-alone site has not been launched.

Another downfall of Buzz over Twitter is when you make a “buzz,” it emails you a notification immediately.  Why would you need an email buzz to let you know of your new buzz posted?  A quick solution to this problem is to block your buzz email updates in your inbox. However, this is just another problem Google didn’t bother to look at before they launched Buzz.

Hopefully, with Buzz still being a fairly new release, Google will find honey in a quick solution to these flaws before the sting is taken out of their Buzz. We’ll watch closely to see how this new development affects search engine optimization.

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