September 21, 2012 | By: Marion Marketing

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Apple Maps Causes Controversy

Apple Maps Mistakes

After having the occasional problem with Google maps here at MARION, we’ve been highly anticipating the arrival of Apple’s new mapping system. Apple is getting rid of Google maps on its new phones and adding their own map function.

Apple Maps has officially been released on the new iPhone 5, and while we at MARION haven’t seen it ourselves yet, the reviews of mistakes made are astounding. For instance, in our own city with so many oil and gas company headquarters, we’ve heard the new maps put a gas station icon above the corporate buildings downtown. Also, another widely publicized mistake from Apple Maps is the misplaced Washington Monument.

And mistakes aren’t just limited to the United States. In Ireland, a beloved local farm called Airfield has been mislabeled as an airport. This has people not only offended, but worried about any misinformed pilots who might use the location for an emergency landing!

The 3D views of downtown and turn-by-turn navigation are graphically appealing, but does this map effectively trump Google’s? It doesn’t seem so. Both mapping systems have their ups and downs, but we see hope for Apple, being that this is their first attempt at a mapping system. We look forward to seeing Apple Maps improve over the years.

Here at MARION we have experience creating specialty maps in Google for corporations with hundreds of locations that need online marketing services. We know that it’s incredibly important for a business to be in the correct location on Google, and now Apple, Maps. For our digital marketing firm clients, we’re more than willing to handle any mapping issues that arise.

What do you think? If you have an older version of the iPhone, will you be upgrading to the new operating system and taking on the current Apple Maps? Or sticking with Google?

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