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UX Design vs. UI Design: How Are They Different?

UI and UX design are often confused with each other. While they can overlap, they are substantially different concepts. So, what exactly is the difference between UI and UX?

In this blog post, we’ll aim to explain the two processes in simple and easy to understand terms and how they complement each other.

What Is UX Design?

UX design vs. UI design

User experience (UX) encompasses the overall experience that users have with your product or service. UX design is the process of making this overall experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Keep in mind, the differences between web design vs. UX design are a different story, but we cover that on the MARION blog as well!

Why Is UX Design Important?

Effective UX design shows that you understand what your consumer needs and wants and that you are willing to help solve their problems. Good UX design will create loyal and returning customers because you care about providing pleasant and painless interactions so they can focus on other things.

What Does a UX Designer Do?

A UX designer will first create the wireframe and “logic” of the user’s journey. This means they must conduct a considerable amount of research to identify the consumer’s pain points. Their job is to create an experience that is as seamless and beneficial as possible.\

UX designers must imagine all sorts of undesirable scenarios in advance and create solutions to prevent those issues. UX team members often develop and conduct user tests to do so.

UX designers must have a holistic knowledge that can overlap with roles like data analyst, copywriter, graphic designer, and much more. They must be able to coordinate with several other teams of programmers, designers, and possess persuasive speaking and presenting skills.

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What Is UI Design?

UI/UX design difference

User interface (UI) design typically involves anything the user interacts with, such as buttons, screens, visual layout, color schemes, or sounds. Anything the user can physically see, touch, and hear would fall under UI design.

Why Is UI Design Important?

UI design is important because you want your product or service to be easy to understand and impactful. Bad UI design can often lead potential customers to feel like your website or application is difficult or confusing to use. Unappealing visuals and clunky interactions can also make your business seem behind-the-times or bland.

What Does a UI Designer Do?

UI designers are responsible for creating the brand’s look and how to execute this style consistently and recognizably in an accessible and relevant manner. They will create several prototypes and tweak until any flaws are gone. UI designers must also be able to work with several other teams, making effective communication one of the most important skills a UI designer should possess.

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Main Differences Between User Interface vs. User Experience

UX design can be both physical and tangible. UX design encompasses customer service, visual and audible designs, usability, and much more. UX design focuses more on the “human”- delivering what the consumer knowingly needs and wants. There is also an element of project management and the ability to construct and track goals. Generally, UX design will come first and UI design after.

UI design, on the other hand, is concerned with the visual design and the aesthetics of the product. This includes components such as layout, typography, buttons, color scheme, animations, and much more. Their goal is to naturally guide users seamlessly through their journey through each screen they interact with.

A metaphor that can help explain the difference between UI and UX designers is that the former is how good a car looks while the latter concerns how it feels to actually drive the car.

How UI and UX Design Cooperate

UX designers create the blueprint with research to back up their decisions. First, they provide the framework for the product and dictate its purpose. Meanwhile, a UI designer makes the UX designer’s plan happen. They make sure the dream is realized through attractive visual design and making the interface as intuitive as possible.

While the UX designer maps out the flow of the user’s journey, the UI design team will be hard at work fleshing out the elements of each stage. Without a UI designer to translate the UX designer’s wishes, the result would not be as beautiful or intuitive.

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