October 25, 2010 | By: Marion Marketing

QR Code Spotting at Best Buy

Popular techno-toy retailer, Best Buy implemented QR codes in their retail marketing strategy this September. Although American consumers have yet to fully adapt to QR codes it seems like a smart choice to be the first-mover given current technological and consumer trends.

Based on a June consumer survey, Insight Express (IE) reported 82% of the 1300 adult mobile user surveyed used mobile phones while shopping. Studies also suggest a majority of consumers are doing online research before making purchases in store and most mobile usage will soon be through mobile devices rather than the computer.

Now, Best Buy improves their product fact tags (found beneath their corresponding product) with QR codes for their smartphone-equipped customers. The QR code links customers to detailed information about the product they are considering, such as reviews, feature comparisons with similar products, and the option of emailing product details to a friend. With the implementation of QR codes, Best Buy intends to create a complete customer experience.

MARION agrees. Mobile internet usage is frequent and growing exponentially. Whether or not you choose to implement QR codes in your marketing strategy, be sure to equip your website with a mobile-friendly web design so you too can give your customers the complete mobile-user experience. Contact MARION to get started.

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