June 29, 2010 | By: Marion Marketing

E-learning Pocket Brochure with Stepped Inserts

brochure with pocketRecently, MARION developed an impressive, custom designed capabilities pocket brochure for K Alliance, an e-learning company. MARION worked with the company to develop the content and our design team did a tremendous job on the layout and graphics.  The brochure has four pages plus a cover measuring 9”x12” and included four stair-stepped inserts in the back pocket. The inserts provided information on four of K Alliance’s most prominent product and service offerings, such as information technology training, soft skill training, desktop applications training, and the enterprise server library. K Alliance ordered 1500 copies of the brochure design for their sales team and to be mailed as part of a larger mail campaign to prospective clients.

K Alliance is an e-learning corporation, specializing in the most comprehensive educational solutions available on the market. Their mission is to continually provide a superior level of creating and delivering high quality, instructional, educational content.

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