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How to Nail Your Email Marketing Strategy in 2023

Email marketing is one of the best B2C and B2B marketing strategies for 2023. With the power of an effective email marketing strategy, you can create more revenue for your brand, attract new customers, and build solid relationships with them.

Having a high return on investment makes it one of the most rewarding marketing strategies in the market. To get ahead of the game, take advantage of the email marketing steps below and watch your brand skyrocket in 2023.

It can be hard, but with the correct guidance, we can build a strong foundation from the beginning. So, let’s explore how to succeed in email marketing in 2023.

9 Email Marketing Tips to Drive Conversions

Every marketing campaign is different and has some unique elements that need to be implemented to be successful. For performance-based email marketing, these are the most crucial tips that every marketer should know.

  1. Create an Email Marketing Strategy
  2. Write a Compelling Subject Line
  3. Be Persistent
  4. Pay Attention to Preheader
  5. Make Contextual CTAs
  6. Write for the Web
  7. Don’t Spam
  8. Use Personalization
  9. Use A/B Testing

These nine steps will help you learn how to email market effectively in no time.

1. Create an Email Marketing Strategy

effective email marketing tips

Successful email marketing strategies can only be built after identifying the goals and objectives that your brand wants to achieve. Email marketing in digital marketing is just one piece of the overall puzzle, so it cannot act in a silo.

Define your audience and segment them into potential and existing customers. You will send different emails to each group, so it is a crucial part of the process.

When you have your target audience, you’ll need to build your list. You can do it from your social media channels, with opt-in forms on your website, or even by using an existing customer list.

The last step for building an effective email marketing strategy is to craft a content marketing strategy to drive conversions. It can be a newsletter, a welcome sequence, or a cart abandonment email.

The moral of the story is, to create your plan, and set your goals with corresponding content in mind.

2. Write a Compelling Subject Line

email strategy - subject line

The subject line is the number one element your recipient will see in their inboxes. Having a weak (or spammy) subject line will immediately move your email to the trash.

What you put in that 60-character space could be the difference between someone opening your message, deleting it, and even reporting it as spam. If too many receivers mark your message as spam, it can have lasting negative effects on your email strategy.

A consumer will open your email if they:

  1. Find value in your title
  2. Have the fear that they will miss out on something important (FOMO)
  3. See their favorite emojis

These three elements are probably the most important elements when it comes to subject lines.


3. Be Persistent

The more people who open your emails, the more potential conversions your business will generate. A great way to ensure this outcome is by leveraging the “double opens strategy”.

Use your email automation service to track which emails didn’t open and send the exact same email with a different subject line.

People receive many emails every day, so it can be that they didn’t catch their attention or they were just busy. Make some small changes to change the outcome.

  • Use a different subject line and preheader
  • Change your send time
  • Wait 3-5 days before resending your message

Adding this little-known trick to your email campaign strategy can foster engagement at a level you’ve never experienced.

4. Pay Attention to Your Preheader

email campaign strategy - preheader

The subject line is vital, but don’t forget the preheader text! This is the preview text that a recipient can see before deciding whether or not to click your email. Using this space to increase your open rate and engagement numbers is one of the most effective email marketing techniques.

Craft your message in a way that will maximize the chances of a click while keeping in mind that you can have 35 to 150 characters of preview text.

5. Make CTA Buttons Contextual

Every part of an email is equally crucial for the success of your campaign. Without a strong CTA in your email marketing approach, you will have significantly fewer conversions. That’s because a CTA helps your reader take action.

The best email marketing strategies use calls-to-action that guide the subscriber to take the desired action. Focus on making CTAs as creative and descriptive as possible, and avoid generic text.

Remember to combine active verbs with the sense of time. A great example would be “Get This Ebook Now”.

6. Write for the Web

Most digital marketers create complicated email messages. Craft your copy for emails similar to the tone of articles for the web. It should be engaging, conversational, and organized. Email strategies that work generally avoid sophisticated business jargon and use an appropriate opening line for your audience.

To make your life easier, most email marketing services provide you with email templates. These email marketing strategy examples can be a great starting point.

Your email should:

  • Have short paragraphs (plenty of white space)
  • Follow a clear structure
  • Use visuals whenever appropriate
  • Implement bullets and subheadings to make emails scannable

Focus on providing the most value possible and answer the questions of your audience.

7. Don’t Be Spammy

performance-based email marketing - spam

There are people out there that will tell you that email marketing is sales-y and can be annoying for the recipient. Like every marketing tool, it depends on the professional that uses it.

To avoid being a spammer and building a bad reputation for your brand, avoid exclamation points and writing with caps, and try to express the values of your brand as you would do in a normal conversation. Using a brand development strategy that isn’t overly aggressive will set your emails up for long-term success.

8. Use Personalization

If you have to implement one of the tips in this article, this should be hands-down personalization. It is the most effective way to upgrade your email marketing strategy.

Leverage your high-converting landing pages, opt-in forms, and gather as much information for your users. Create segments of your list and send personalized content to each potential client.

You can take it one step further and use dynamic personalization, which is and will continue to be a trend in 2023.

Dynamic personalization adapts to each customer and understands their buying habits and customer journey. It modifies their experience appropriately so that you can generate more business leads.

9. Leverage A/B Testing

how to email market effectively - a/b test

Hitting “send” and hoping that your email will convert will not work effectively in the long run. The best email strategies are those that test emails by using all the features that email providers offer. 

Use analytics to collect data on the performance of different variations of your message and landing pages to identify your best-performing combination. Multivariate testing is a valuable technique.

Elevate Your Email Marketing Campaigns in 2023

Email marketing is not simply another strategy to add to your arsenal. It is one of the most rewarding marketing tools out there and has the potential to increase your revenue to unprecedented levels.

Take advantage of all the tips we discussed in this article, and if some of them sound too basic, it’s because most mistakes happen to the things we think we know. Track your records and pivot towards the best-performing tactics.

Trust the MARION team if you need help with your email marketing in Houston, Austin, or DFW. MARION Integrated Marketing has been serving Texas businesses for 40 years. We have evolved to provide your business with effective marketing regardless of industry.

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