March 11, 2024 | By: Marion Marketing

March Madness Marketing Opportunities Brands Need to Know

With its widespread popularity and huge fan base, it’s no surprise that March Madness presents a prime opportunity for companies to connect with consumers on a personal level and drive meaningful engagement. In this blog, we’ll share insights into why March Madness is a fantastic business opportunity and provide examples of successful marketing campaigns to inspire your own strategies.

Why March Madness Matters

To some, March Madness is just about basketball. But to marketers, it’s a once-a-year phenomenon that captivates the eyes of millions of prospects across the country.

According to statistics, the NCAA generated nearly $1.3 billion in revenue for 2022-23 alone, underscoring its significance as a marketing powerhouse.

Examples of Successful March Madness Marketing Campaigns

Buffalo Wild Wings

The popular sports bar chain launched its “B-Dubs Bracket Challenge,” inviting customers to predict tournament outcomes for a chance to win prizes. This campaign not only drove foot traffic to Buffalo Wild Wings locations but also increased brand engagement online.

Capital One

The financial services company has become synonymous with March Madness through its sponsorship of the Capital One NCAA March Madness Bracket Challenge. By offering cash prizes and exclusive experiences, Capital One successfully capitalized on the tournament’s excitement to promote its brand.

Capital One March Madness Challenge


Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar launched the “Debate the Goatness” campaign during NCAA March Madness. The campaign encouraged basketball fans to debate who they believed was the greatest of all time (GOAT) player in college basketball history while enjoying a Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. Fans were encouraged to share their opinions on social media using the hashtag #DebateTheGOATness, sparking lively discussions and engaging with the tournament’s excitement. This social media campaign effectively integrated Coca-Cola Zero Sugar into the March Madness conversation while leveraging the passion of basketball fans to drive brand engagement and awareness.

march madness marketing coke

Ideas for Capitalizing on March Madness

  1. Themed Promotions: Create March Madness-themed promotions or discounts tied to game outcomes, halftime scores, or buzzer-beaters to incentivize customer participation.
  2. Host Viewing Parties: Organize viewing parties at your business location or partner with local venues to create a festive atmosphere where fans can gather to watch games together. Virtual viewing parties are an option as well!
  3. Bracket Contests: Launch a bracket challenge for customers, employees, or social media followers, offering prizes for accurate predictions or creative entries.
  4. Social Media Engagement: Hop on your social media platforms to share behind-the-scenes content, live updates, and interactive polls related to March Madness, encouraging fans to join the conversation.
  5. Collaborate with Influencers: Partner with sports influencers or local personalities to promote your brand during March Madness, leveraging their reach and credibility to connect with a broader audience.

March Madness presents many opportunities for businesses to showcase their creativity, engage with customers, and drive sales. By drawing inspiration from successful campaigns and implementing innovative strategies tailored to their target audience, brands can capitalize on the excitement surrounding the tournament and elevate their marketing efforts to new heights.

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