Digital Marketing for Farm Equipment

Farm equipment, heavy machinery and tractors are huge purchases for most individuals or crews. If you own a tractor dealership or farm equipment dealership, you’ve got the value of a sale down to a science. Now, you just need to move more machines and make more sales.

At MARION, we understand Houston digital marketing for farm equipment like no one else. One of our tractor dealer clients in the Houston-area came to us with a manufacturer sponsored website that was unattractive, offered a poor user-experience, and wasn’t setup to optimize customer conversions.

Despite the poor design of this manufacturer co-oped website, we were able to quickly learn about the dealer’s target customer, and market to them accordingly. Our digital marketing for farm equipment helped this dealer increase their monthly organic traffic by 457% in less than nine months.

digital marketing for farm equipment

What Strategy Our Farm Equipment Marketing Agency Uses

We use an inbound marketing approach for our farm equipment marketing. Trying to sell anyone that walks in the door is difficult. Some people on your lot or showroom floor are just shopping around. To them, spending tens of thousands on a single machine is a significant, even once in a lifetime, purchase. Trying to overcome on-the-spot sales barriers will not be successful.

However, when a potential customer visits you after having done all of their research on your website, they will be easier to close, and easier to upsell.

So what components do we use in our farm equipment marketing strategy?

Search Engine Optimization for Farm Equipment

SEO is one of the major strategies that we use for our tractor dealership client. People are searching for different sizes and tractor brands in Texas. For our client to show up at the top of the search results as a valuable and educational resource is critical.

We are engaging in business blogging around farm equipment marketing topics. Anytime a potential customer is seeking a specific answer about our client’s brand, they position themselves as a though leader. Whether it’s about where the brand is made, how much it costs, or comparisons between brands – our client is front and center in Google’s results.

PPC for Farm Equipment

We also leverage Houston pay-per-click and Austin pay-per-click so that our client appears for highly commercial results that are difficult to rank for organically. For instance, if you want to show up for “sub-compact tractor,” it may take you six months to several years to achieve the top organic ranking.

An optimized paid search campaign is an alternative way to get immediate visibility for the highly competitive search terms, while the organic search efforts are getting up to speed.

For more information about our strategies around digital marketing for farm equipment, reach out to us.

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