January 14, 2019 | By: Marion Marketing

Say Cheese to Video Marketing

Why Video Marketing Is the Future

Video has become the white-hot marketing tool, having grown immensely in popularity the last few years. Video marketing provides a unique opportunity to reach consumers in extremely personal and effective ways, bringing them as close to real-life interactions with brands as possible.

Research has shown that this platform, whether used long form or short form, can be extremely impactful in generating leads that ultimately turn into customers. Keep reading to find out why you need to start using video advertising today.

Videos Aren’t Just for Social Media Anymore

In the past, video advertising has been a popular outlet on Facebook, YouTube and other social sites. But recently we have seen a shift from video for the purpose of enjoying viral social media content to enhancing everyday life. Brands are now using video throughout the entire customer journey as a versatile tool to educate buyers, build relationships and improve satisfaction.

According to research conducted by Ascend2 in partnership with Vidyard, companies with the greatest success in video marketing see customer testimonials, product demonstration videos, tutorial videos and thought leadership interviews as the most important and effective types of video.

video marketing interview

This shows that video is one of the most diverse tools we have for reaching consumers in the manner they want to be reached within their customer journey. Video marketing provides many avenues to interact with the consumer, giving them just what they want, when they want it.

Consumers Simply Like Video

Research shows that today’s consumers have a shorter attention span than ever before. In addition, they have higher expectations than consumers before them, expecting to be both entertained and informed by ads. These modern consumers respond so positively to video content that 69 percent of them reported preferring to watch a video instead of reading content online when presented with both options in order to learn about a product or service.

Videos Are Memorable

Consumers who view video ads retain 95 percent of the message, versus just 10 percent when they read an ad. Furthermore, these videos stick with people, with 80 percent of consumers recalling a video ad they viewed in the past month.

video marketing services

Not surprisingly, funny ads are most likely to be remembered. With 71 percent of consumers preferring funny ads, it’s no wonder advertisers are fighting every year to get the biggest laughs from their Super Bowl commercials.

Videos Build Trust

Consumers nowadays are more distrusting of digital ads than ever before. Ads are seen as an annoyance and a pain to consumers’ everyday lives, rather than having any real credibility and relevance.

According to a recent survey, only 7 percent of consumers view online ads positively, and more than 30 percent of respondents complained about page-load times, the presence of irrelevant ads and the size of digital ads they were served. In a separate study about brands and advertising, 69 percent of consumers said they distrusted brands’ advertising.

With these alarming statistics, marketers must focus on new ways to build trust. Enter video advertising! Nielsen reports that almost half of consumers across the globe trust video ads. Furthermore, people who watch video ads increase their purchase intent for that brand by a whopping 97 percent. In a time when trust and honesty are the ultimate marketing buzzwords, we cannot ignore the power of video advertising.

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Video advertising will continue to gain traction and change the way consumers view and interact with ads in the years to come. Advertising must always be improving and moving forward to meet the changing needs of consumers, and video marketing is the wave of the future.

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