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3 Advantages of Using Advertising Agencies for Your Business

If you’re a business owner, you know that it’s tough to reach your intended audience. Without a strategic advertising plan, you will never achieve sustained growth.

Because it’s such a complex and sophisticated industry, many developing businesses are not able to effectively maintain a productive advertising schedule. This is a major roadblock in the highly-competitive advertising space.

The advantages of using advertising agencies are vast, regardless of your company’s size.

Why Do Companies Use Advertising Agencies?

The advantages and disadvantages of advertising agencies are both important to consider before you commit. When you fully understand what an advertising agency brings to the table, you will feel more confident in your decision to move forward despite the associated hard costs.

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So, if you’re dragging your feet, wondering “why hire an ad agency?,” it’s time to analyze the pros and cons.

3 Pros of Using Ad Agencies

The advantages of advertising agencies can help kickstart or re-energize your business. By partnering with a credible marketing company, you will not only maximize your company’s exposure, but also enhance the overall productivity and growth of your organization.

Here are some of the main benefits associated with this type of long-term investment.

1. Expertise and Knowledge

There are certain aspects of your business that you should outsource, especially if you are not experienced in them yourself. Since marketing and advertising has the potential to offer a great return on your investment, this is an area that you should consider contracting to an experienced third party. Best of all, you will not need to waste any time training an employee (or yourself).

why hire an ad agency?

By contracting an agency’s starting lineup, you will gain instant access to your own team of experts. These teams tend to be made up of a diverse group of skilled specialists, allowing you to utilize various strategies and applications.

Tip: Some agencies may specialize in one key area of expertise, such as online advertising. That is why you should have a clear vision of what type of advertising you require before you select an agency.

Since advertising is such a multifaceted industry, it is best to work with an experienced team that has a track record of success. MARION is marketing agency in Houston offers a full range of services depending on your needs: pay per click services, SEO services, logo design, digital marketing and more. Our team can create and execute a marketing strategy that aligns with your unique goals.

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2. Saves Critical Resources

Although you will need to incur third party marketing spend, you will be rewarded in terms of ROI. The truth is that a successful ad campaign takes time and energy β€” which small to medium-sized business owners don’t generally have.

You will also save money, which may seem counterintuitive. For example, instead of hiring an employee to assist with challenging or even mundane marketing tasks, you can work with an agency. This means that you will avoid hefty payroll taxes and health care costs.

The same cost savings can be realized even if you had previously taken on the role of CMO yourself. You will not need to purchase any software tools. With the time you save, you can focus on what matters most β€” your business operations.

Tip: Ask the agency you’re working with whether they can optimize your ad space or if they can get a discounted agency rate with your local radio, TV station or a publisher that matches your advertising goals. This can help you stretch your budget, providing an even greater ROI. If not, see if they can help elevate your next industry event (think trade show displays and the types of systems that will wow your target market).

3. Support Brand Development

Advertising agencies have the type of experience required to develop brand awareness. This is one area you don’t want to underestimate, as a clear brand identity and message is what will allow you to connect with your customers. Whether you need help with your logo or identifying your target audience, these are crucial steps that an agency can confidently help you with.

advantages of using advertising agencies

Tip: Although the whole point of hiring a marketing agency is to maximize your time and energy, don’t be shy about inquiring about certain components of your ad campaign. Agencies are unique in that they will likely find new ways to promote your brand. Which channels are most beneficial in terms of your advertising strategies? Your brand development strategy depends on the unique value proposition of your company!

Con of Using an Ad Agency

Of course, the main initial β€œcon” is related to the question on everyone’s mind: How much does it cost to hire an advertising agency?

The answer to this question is not black and white, as there are many variables involved in terms of the scope of your plan. As stated by Forbes, there are three core elements in regards to branding in relation to your marketing strategy.

  1. The visual aspect of your brand (your logo, website and marketing materials).
  2. The messaging component (communicating who you are and what you do).
  3. The positioning of your brand, which works alongside your core business plan and structure.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Advertising Agency?

Forbes estimates that an agency could charge anywhere between $10,000 and $50,000 for a full blow campaign. However, this is highly dependent on what you want to achieve. Some agencies will offer select monthly packages, which often range between $2,500 and $4,000 per month.

Although this may seem like a disadvantage in the short-term, this investment will soon transition into a significant ROI when you partner with the right agency.

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