July 16, 2013 | By: Damien Franco

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The Importance of Mobile Optimization

Mobile Web DesignGoogle has recently announced that they plan to penalize sites with poor performance on mobile devices. This also means that businesses that have invested in mobile versions of their site will see a boost in their search engine rankings. Looking at the overall mobile web design of your page is important, but not taking into account the page load times could have an overall negative effect on where your business appears in search.

91% of American adults have mobile phones, 60% of which are smartphones. That number is expected to rise to 80% by 2015. 34% of Americans now own a tablet. With statistics like that it is absolutely critical for businesses to have mobile versions of their website.

On mobile sites, load time is a crucial ranking factor. Making sure things like image size, browser caching and minimal CSS are fully optimized is of great importance. Other common negative issues that can plague mobile sites include:

  • Broken Redirects
  • Broken videos
  • 404 errors
  • Slow or unresponsive pages
  • The mobile page itself is an error page

Making sure that your site is properly optimized for mobile is crucial in maintaining or growing your page rankings.

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