August 24, 2012 | By: Marion Marketing

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Society Mobilizes, M-Marketing Emerges

iPhone was introduced less than six years ago

On the iPhone’s next birthday, do you know how old it will be? We do… get ready to wish the iPhone a happy 6th birthday! Can you believe it? It’s hard to imagine that smartphone technology is still in its youth, but really, if you go back five years, hardly anybody owned one. Now, with 218 million iPhones sold and other countless smartphone brands available, it’s hard to imagine a world without the smartphone.

The mobilization of our society has actually happened at an incredibly rapid pace. To put it into perspective, think about the television. The television we know today was perfected over time, and was fully developed by 1930. In 1936, about 200 television sets were in use worldwide. The first legal television commercial wasn’t run until 1941 by the Bulova Watch Company. So, if smartphones traveled at television’s pace, then next year there would only be about 200 smartphones, and we wouldn’t have any specifically mobile marketing until 2018!

Similarly and at a faster pace than television, internet use exploded in 1990, yet it was mainly used by scientists. The first photo wasn’t placed on the web until 1992 at CERN laboratories in Switzerland, and had a purpose of marketing a new version of the web that could support photo files. Now, while plenty of professionals do use smartphones, we’re pretty sure they have a much wider user base than the internet did at its beginnings.

Smartphones are so incredibly important that for awhile now there have been specific mobile marketing efforts for businesses to take, and the term “M-Marketing” has emerged to describe the practice. There’s also M-Advertising and M-Commerce which also fall under this category. M-Commerce sales are actually expected to reach $17.5 billion this year. With 26% of America’s top 500 e-retailers having a mobile site or app, it’s easy to see that these numbers will only continue to grow.

At MARION, we deal with M-Marketing efforts daily at our digital agency in Austin, and even have a master account for all our clients with Google Adwords, which monitors both internet search and mobile search ads.

Has this M-Marketing trend and the rapid mobilization of society snuck up on you? Let the MARION marketing agency in Houston help with an M-Marketing strategy tailored to your business. Get a Quote today!


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