March 31, 2015 | By: Marion Marketing

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7 Common Mistakes in Responsive Web Design

With less than a month to go until the new algorithm update, Google has published a list documenting the seven most common mistakes they see when developers attempt to make sites more mobile friendly.

The seven most common mistakes include:

  1. Blocked JavaScript, CSS, and image files. Blocking these files prevents the Googlebot from  seeing your site the same way the average user does. If Google can’t view your site, it assumes that it isn’t mobile friendly. Learn more by clicking here.
  2. Unplayable content. Some types of content aren’t playable on mobile devices. Instead of viewing the video and/or animation, users see an error message, which provides users with a poor mobile experience.  The fix for this one is relatively easy and can be found here.
  3. Faulty redirects. This applies to sites that use separate m. subdomains rather than responsive design. If your site has separate mobile URLs, you must redirect mobile users on each desktop URL to the appropriate mobile URL. Learn more here.
  4. Mobile-only 404s. Check each page of your site to make sure it’s not serving content to desktop users accessing a URL but showing an error page to mobile users. Google has a list of recommended actions here.
  5. App download interstitials. Make sure your interstitials aren’t blocking your site’s users from completing tasks. For a list of recommended actions, click here.
  6. Irrelevant cross-links. This is another issue unique to sites with separate mobile URLs.  The fix can be found here.
  7. Slow mobile pages. Ideally, your mobile pages will render in less than one second. Google’s recommended action can be found here.

Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm will roll out in less than a month, so start updating your sites now.

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