Marketing Services Case Study

Bobby Ford Tractor & Equipment

The Goal

MARION began to implement a new marketing plan for Bobby Ford Tractor and Equipment in February of 2018. The goal was to increase year-over-year sales and position Bobby Ford Tractor and Equipment as a leading Kubota Dealer in Texas. Once established, Bobby Ford Tractor and Equipment would have the option to expand to new dealership locations.
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The Strategy

MARION’s strategy included several digital and traditional marketing campaigns including radio advertising, television advertising, billboard design and placement, web design, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), and strategic digital advertising partnerships.
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+ 26% Unit Sales

The unit sales improved by more than 26% during MARION’s first six months of working with Bobby Ford Tractor and Equipment compared to the previous year.

+ 189% Increase in New Visitors

In September 2018, a new website was launched by MARION. Not only was the new WordPress site friendly for marketers and users, but it facilitated the speed and SEO requirements for attracting new visitors.

During the six months since launch (compared to the preceding six months), the website has experienced a 189% increase in new visitors and a 79% increase in marketing goal completions.

+ 362% New organic users

The SEO strategy consists of on-page SEO, off-page SEO, local SEO, and ongoing content marketing. Since the new site was launched, the SEO strategy has garnered over 27,000 users to the Bobby Ford Tractor and Equipment website. This equates to a 362% increase in new organic users and 120% increase in marketing goal completions (form submissions, calls, service and quote requests) in less than six months.

The increase in organic traffic is largely due to the increase in relevant keyword rankings. In February 2018, the Bobby Ford website was ranked for a total of 905 keywords, 16 of which were on the first page. By January of 2019, the site was ranked for 2,356 keywords, 343 of which were on the first page. That accounts for a 2044% increase in page one keywords.

In addition to improved traffic and lead generation, the Bobby Ford Tractor and Equipment website ranks locally for several key phrases. These keywords include page one rankings for “Kubota dealer,” “Kubota dealers Houston,” “new Kubota tractors,” “Kubota construction equipment,” “Kubota recreational vehicles,” and more.

+ 55% increase in ppc Traffic

During the six months after the new site launch, MARION was able to improve targeted PPC traffic by 55% while decreasing the cost per click by 17%. This means more relevant users and brand exposure for Bobby Ford Tractor and Equipment at a lower price point.

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