July 20, 2012 | By: Marion Marketing

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Optimizing for a Smartphone

Smartphone internet access is on the rise and it’s important to reach your customers where they are. MARION has long emphasized the importance of having a mobile website design that is user friendly and optimized.

A great thing about your mobile website is that if you have an SEO friendly main website, most of the work is already done to make your mobile website SEO friendly. The websites are connected, actually giving you more search-ability on engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

There are, however, a few key things that need to be considered to make your mobile website better optimized for the user experience:

1. Screen Size

Each Smartphone brand is different (i.e. iPhone, Droid, etc.), so the resolution that works for one screen may not work for another. It’s important to have your site optimized for multiple types of Smartphone. The website should fit to the screen and be sized so that the user does not need to continually enlarge the page.

2. Cut Down Content

  • A) Text It’s good to cut down as much as possible on text. Smartphone users are typically on the go and want to get to the point quickly.
  • B) Pictures Cut down on your photos, using only those necessary, because they give your website a longer load time and more possibility for online users to give up on your website. Most people pay for a data plan on their phones and don’t want to waste time waiting for a website to load.
  • C) Flash This feature does not work on the iPhone and also contributes to longer page load times. It’s best to replace it on your mobile site.

3. Contact Information

Make sure you put your phone number and email in text form on the website. A Smartphone user can click on your number and be given the option to call, or click on your email address and given the option to send a message. If the information is an art feature though, the phone will not be able to recognize it. Also, make sure the information is large enough even for the fattest of fingers to easily click.

4. Maps Feature

Having an address in text on your mobile site allows the Smartphone’s on-board maps feature to quickly map your location and give driving directions.

5. Link Back to “Regular Site”

Make sure you link back to your “Regular Site.” This not only provides another internet link to your site, but also allows any users who do have more time to see all the regular features your site offers.

Are you mobile friendly? Find out! MARION can help you create a mobile site for any type of Smartphone.

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