Traditional Marketing

Don’t underestimate the power of tried and true marketing methods.

We work with clients, both large and small to plan and execute traditional marketing campaigns that effectively drive sales.

We live in a digital world, it’s true.  That doesn’t change human nature, and it doesn’t mean that the same forms of marketing that have worked for hundreds of years have suddenly stopped working.  Some clients chose to use our services to execute traditional marketing campaigns that fit into their existing marketing strategy, but often we work with our clients to develop inclusive marketing strategies that combine traditional marketing campaigns with complimentary digital efforts.

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Time tested, sales-driven marketing techniques for businesses of all sizes.

Every business should include online marketing in their overall marketing strategy, but not at the expense of traditional marketing approaches.  Traditional marketing largely exists in the physical world.  Whether it’s printed sales tools and collateral, trade show displays and branding pieces, local or national print advertising, or direct mail campaigns, the difference between success and failure lies in the execution.  For 35 years MARION has worked with clients to effectively translate their brand identity and marketing message into traditional marketing campaigns that work.

Our clients often engage our services for:

  • Brochure Design and Printing
  • Catalog Design and Printing
  • Trade Show Displays
  • Direct Mail Campaigns

  • Print Advertising Design
  • Outdoor Advertising Design
  • Integrated Print and Digital Campaigns
  • Custom Design Projects

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Traditional Marketing Capabilities

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