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On-Page SEO – The foundation of your search engine optimization strategy

On-page SEO is an often an overlooked aspect of your SEO strategy.  Your website must include the necessary code structure and content to let search engines understand where you belong in their results.

We work with clients to ensure that not only are their websites coded in a search engine friendly manner, but that they continue to create content that is both search engine friendly and user focused.

off page seo services

Off-Page SEO – The SEO horsepower your site needs to show up in results

Off-page SEO is the process of listing your website in local search results as well as building the domain authority and page authority your site needs to show up well in organic search results.

We work with clients to ensure that their website is properly submitted and listed on local search results and create and execute link-building strategies that generate inbound links from other high-authority, reputable, and relevant websites.

seo content creation

Keyword Rich Content Creation – The lifeblood of your search engine optimization strategy

Content is one of, if not the most important tool in your SEO toolbox.  Content creation is a very important aspect of what search engine algorithms take into consideration and what other websites will evaluate in deciding whether to link to your website.

We work with our client to continuously create and distribute high quality, keyword rich, and shareable content.

Conversion Funnel Optimization – Don’t just generate more traffic, generate more leads

Creating a website that ranks well with search engines and generates a lot of traffic is a great, but what’s the point if those visitors aren’t turning into leads?

We build and optimize conversion paths that include calls-to-action, content offers, landing pages, and conversion forms that efficiently convert website visitors into leads.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) vs. PPC (Pay Per Click)

An integrated search engine marketing strategy is the best tool for getting high rankings on search engines, whether organic or paid.  At MARION, we do the work for you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When it comes to generating quality website traffic, Search Engine Optimization is the most effective long-term solution available. In fact, SEO is absolutely essential to the success of your search engine marketing and your online marketing in general. MARION has the knowledge and experience to define and execute an SEO strategy that will improve your rankings and generate more qualified website visitors.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Search Engine Optimization may be the most effective and long-term approach for generating traffic, but it can also be a long-term project with positive results taking months to materialize. Pay Per Click campaigns, like Google AdWords, are very effective at generating traffic from targeted keywords on a much quicker timeline.   As a result, PPC campaigns are a great way to supplement organic search results for new SEO campaigns or for highly competitive search terms.

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