Logo Design

Logo Design

Your logo is your business represented visually. What does your logo say?

We create unique, clean, timeless logos that will capture the essence of your business and leaves a lasting impression.

Take a moment and glance around your office or home. How many logos do you see? And what do these logos mean to you? Logo design is one of the first building blocks in constructing your corporate identity, image, and brand. A logo’s design is also frequently the first impression your customers have of your company. For that reason alone, it is important that your logo design attracts attention, captures the essence of your business in a simple glance and leaves a lasting impression.  Our experienced designers will take the time to understand your business and work with you every step of the way to ensure that your logo truly reflects your brand.

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Never underestimate the importance of a first impression.

The impact of a professional and credible logo is powerful.   It can mean the difference between the success of your business or that of your competitor.  MARION has more than twenty-five years experience in creating effective logo designs and branding campaigns for our clients. For us, it’s more than just putting something pretty down on the page.

Creating a new logo

We start each logo design project by getting to know your business. We dive into what your company does, what it does well, what your company culture is all about and what your business values are.   Once we feel we have a grasp on your company, we start a process of mocking up ideas from as many angles as possible. Sometimes the logo process is obvious: the companies’ products, services, values and business practices scream out and demand a look to convey the message. Other times, it’s much more developmental, and the customer helps to develop the concepts as we go through the process.  Once we have choices to view, the customer can then communicate the direction they feel best conveys the perception/branding of the company. We typically will go through 3 to 4 rounds of revisions and development to achieve a successful logo.

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Revitalizing an Existing Logo

If you feel that your logo design does not convey who you are, consider giving it a makeover. The new design does not have to be totally different but can grow out of your existing logo. That way you retain what you have already invested in your brand and with a new look, show the world a new contemporary you. A revitalized logo can invigorate you, your employees and your business.  Our process for revitalizing an existing logo is very similar to our process for creating a new logo.  Once we’ve discovered why you want to revitalize your brand and in what ways you are looking to do so, we start a process of mocking up ideas focusing on retaining something of the original while creating something brand new.  Once we have choices to view, we typically will go through 3 to 4 rounds of revisions and development to achieve a successful logo revitalization.

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Our Logo Design Work

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What Our Customers Say

"We've worked with several people before MARION and we were so lucky to find them because they got right on the project and we've had nothing but progress since that time. I'm very pleased with them."Genesis Marketing Testimonial Genesis Medical Management Solutions

"We've worked with MARION for over three years and we've been very happy with the services they've provided us. They always respond to us quickly, and we're very pleased with what they've done for us."Forum Marketing Testimonial Forum Energy Technologies

"Our impression of working with MARION has been superb. They are creative, strategic, and extremely customer service oriented."Harper and Pearson Marketing Testimonial Harper and Pearson, CPA

"I get all my business from my website. It has paid for itself 100 fold."Texas Legal Marketing Testimonial Texas Legal Malpractice

"I wanted to be sure to tell you asap how incredibly gifted you are… the brochures and display are richly poignant and accomplish everything we asked of you in creating these products (and more). We look forward to a long and wonderful association with you and your fine company."DeBakey Marketing Testimonial DeBakey VA Medical Center

"During IFS’s first year with MARION, we’ve seen an immense increase in web traffic, contacts and most recently inked a $4.5 million dollar deal thanks to MARION’s SEO services."Integrated Flow Marketing Testimonial Integrated Flow Solutions

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