August 11, 2010 | By: Marion Marketing

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Using QR Codes & Mobile Marketing to Discover Your “Sixth Sense” | Mobile Marketing

Imagine this.

You arrive at the airport, look down at your ticket and it displays “delayed”. Shaking your fist at the gods of transportation you proceed through the gate witnessing people check their email across the wall and watching news reports in the New York Times. Continuing on, you stop at a bookstore. Glancing down at a book, you read hundreds of online reviews from Amazon, along with current prices. You find out it is way over priced, but you buy it anyway. Thanks to a new device called the “Sixth Sense”, this scenario may not be too far in your future.

The Sixth Sense is described as “a wearable gestural interface that augments the physical world around us with digital information.” Translation anyone? Simply put, the internet will literally be at your finger tips. Consisting of a pocket project, a mirror, and a camera, it recognizes images and gestures you create with your hands then displays this information on almost any surface imaginable.

If you hold your hands as if you are taking a picture, Sixth Sense takes the picture! It can then provide available information on that image as if you Googled it. This function can also scan and open QR codes, giving instant access to the URL or the address linked to it. A QR code is a two-dimensional bar code which stores addresses and URLs that can be placed on virtually any form of print media (magazine, signs, etc.). But wait…There’s more! It can also stream videos and check email. (Simply draw a @ symbol on a surface.)

While the device is still in need of modifications, consumers can build their own for around $350. This groundbreaking mobile device will certainly change the way we interact with the web, but some skeptics are not convinced, which brings our planet to a new epic battle. The Sixth Sense vs. the smart phone… (for help with the latter use our Houston website design services.)

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