July 5, 2011 | By: Marion Marketing

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Breaking Down Social Media Marketing: Part 1

Establishing a great Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategy like the retail uber giants mentioned in “Your Social Media” Strategy starts with creating a blueprint which states the purpose of your involvement.

In the midst of this, you’ll probably realize one of the hardest concepts of social media is not the ‘HOW,” but the ‘WHY”. One step at a time folks, starting with Twitter.

The Twitter Breakdown

 THE HOW                          

1. Engage –MARION recommends, to have a solid twitter foundation and worthwhile engagement, you should spend a minimum of four hours a week tweeting. It’s important to participate. Don’t be the person at the party that can’t hold a conversation OR the one with nothing more to offer than “uh huh” and a fake laugh, i.e. LOL-ing every comment.

There are groups on twitter for nearly every imaginable industry which means there’s most likely a waiting audience for your business. Get engaged with a group by learning how to use hashtags for business and you will find that the recommend four hours per week can move very quickly.

2. Tweet/Retweet Links – Tweeting and retweeting links to your site is a free referral. Referring people to your site is always a good thing. Just remember, when you become too much of a good thing you’re called SPAM.

3. Reciprocate – If people follow you, follow them back. If they mention you in a specific tweet, mention them back. Twitter is about information sharing so be sure to give as well as receive.  


Twitter is your opportunity to interact with the public. You may have access to current and potential customers, employees and their friends and family, giving you a unique opportunity to get to know your audience and let them get to know you. In other words, Twitter is the perfect avenue for  developing brand loyalty.

These are just a few recommendations. There’s a ton of uses for Twitter and social media in general. It’s all about your strategy  that drives your SMM plan.

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