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What do we mean by “mobile device?” This is simply a portable device with an on-board computer. Mobile devices like Smartphones and Tablets can surf the web, act as a GPS, email your friends, and, in the case of a Smartphone, still allow you the calling and texting features of a cell phone.When designing a mobile version of your “regular” website, it is essential to consider the user experience. With a regular site, you can have lots of text, images, forms, links and perhaps, Flash. However, regular sites, when viewed on a mobile device (especially a Smartphone), can sometimes be frustrating for the user – the long load times, lots of scrolling and the enlarging and reducing needed to navigate a page, never mind moving around the site.This can cause site users to go to another, easy-to-load site, especially when they pay their internet provider by how much data they use. When people surf the web via a mobile device, they typically want to quickly access information that is to the point and contact information that is easily accessed.

Why MARION for Mobile Web Design?

1) MARION offers a full set of web services

  • Original custom mobile designs that compliment your regular site
  • Design compatible with all types of Smartphones and Tablets
  • Full-time and in-house staff of:
    • Web Content Developers
    • Web Designers
    • Web Developers
    • Internet Marketing Specialists
    • Internet Brand Consultants
  • User-friendly navigation for mobile devices
  • Ongoing Internet marketing support
  • Proven success in making businesses grow through their mobile websites (references available upon request)

2) MARION can create a total brand experience for your customers

MARION is able to offer businesses a full array of mobile web services including Mobile App Development and Mobile Marketing (mobile ads, QR code generation and tracking, and SMS text message campaigns).

Let MARION make your mobile web design the best for your customers!

The Mobile Web Design Process

To view your mobile site, customers simply type in your regular domain into their mobile device and are automatically brought to your mobile website.

There are a few key things MARION takes into consideration when creating a custom mobile web design. Make sure to view the checklist below:

  1. Screen SizeDoes your website fit to the screen of your Smartphone or Tablet?
  2. Remove All FlashIt’s important to replace the Flash on your website. This feature currently does not work on the iPhone or iPad and contributes to longer load times on other mobile devices.Remember: Longer load times equal higher data bills
  1. Contact InformationMake sure your phone number, email, and map location are placed prominently on your site so they can be easily accessed by the mobile site user.Tip: Make sure the links to this information are large enough so that they are clickable even to the largest fingers.
  2. Text and ImagesIt’s a good idea to streamline the text on your mobile site, as well as cut down to only necessary images. This way your text is to the point and easy-to-read, and you don’t have so many images that your site takes too long to load.
  3. Link Back to “Regular Site”Always link back to your regular site, this gives customers the opportunity to view all the features of your normal website, without having to put all those features on the mobile version.

MARION implements these items and more when designing custom mobile websites. The text is easy to read – no enlarging needed. The clickable buttons are spaced so that even fat fingers can click on links without accidently hitting the wrong one.

Your site is easy-to-read, fast loading, and right to the point on messaging. See for yourself how it works by accessing on your mobile device!

Mobile Web Design Tools

MARION offers other various tools that can compliment a mobile web design. MARION can generate Smartphone and Tablet Apps that are compatible with any mobile device, and offers an array of mobile marketing services, including paid ads, QR codes, and SMS text message marketing.

Stake your claim on the mobile web with a web site designed for mobile devices. Call the MARION Integrated Marketing at 713-623-6444 or click on the “Get A Quote” button now.

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